Job Opportunities

HotHouse Productions is currently hiring for the following positions:

“Momma Named Me Sheriff”

Supervising Director – Animation 

Downtown Los Angeles-based production company is currently seeking a Supervising Director for an animated second season Adult Swim series.


  • Collaborate with the show’s Co-Creators to discuss story and theme for each episode.
  • Oversee the edit of the audio radio play and make sure it’s in line with the show style.
  • Participate in all storyboard handouts and reviews and provide clear notes for revisions.
  • Handle all aspects of the storyboarding and timing processes in the editing/animatics stage.
  • Work with designers to make sure storyboards are communicating details correctly.
  • Manage animatics at all stages of the episode including animatic thumbs, cleans, revisions, and lock.
  • They will manage the entire team of storyboard artists, episodic director, revisionists, and animatic editor.

Desired Qualifications:

  • 3 years experience as an Episodic Director working in television animation.
  • 5 years of experience as a Storyboard Artist working in television animation.
  • Proficiency with Flash.
  • Mastery of Storyboard Pro.
  • Have a chill attitude and sense of humor.

Episode Director

Job duties include:

  • Overseeing radio edits
  • Preparing thumbnail boards to then hand off to a storyboard team
  • Overseeing boards
  • Receiving and executing notes given from show creators
  • Completing episodes through locked animatics

Recommended Qualifications:

  • Prior experience (+1-2 years) with the role
  • Proficiency with Adobe Suite (Premiere, Animate)
  • Proficiency with ToonBoom Storyboard Pro


Please send your resume and reel/portfolio to